Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Microsoft and Nokia Billion Dollar Deal Microsoft Pays Nokia $1 Billion To Choose Windows Phone 7 Instead Of Android

Microsoft will be paying an amount of $1 Billion to the best selling mobile company that’s Nokia just for choosing Windows Phone 7 as their next OS instead of Android. Wow, this is something really interesting and let’s go in-depth of it to have more fun. According to some local sources, we have confirmed this news that an 

agreement between these two high-profile companies have been signed,after which Nokia would use windows phone 7 OS as a new user interface in their hand-sets. Android would have been a better choice because we have seen a true class in all Samsung, HTC, Google and other mobile phone companies, who have remained successful after choosing Android OS.
Nokia will pay a fees on each copy of Windows used in its up coming phones and it is pretty much sure that these two companies are willing to work with each other, I’m sure they’d thrive in the future if they keep up with this bond. One of the researchers have said that the final agreement is yet to be signed but there is not any way this would be ripped off at the last moment. This agreement is expected to run for straight 5 years and the outcome would be fascinating.
People think if this business related collaboration works out then this would help both the companies to get arisen up financially and a new scope for Windows Phone 7 would come up, let’s just say a new door would be opened at Microsoft. At the other hand Nokia has to keep an eye out on Microsoft’s Os performance because it has just been around 5 months that this interface has been released and we haven’t heard much about it.


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