Friday, 25 March 2011

Install Android apps remotely via internet

Android apps can be installed via the Android market app on the Android phone. The android market allowes you to search and install apps on the phone. Sometimes searching and installing directly from the phone is cumbersome.

Now, the Android gives you an option to install applications without touching your phone at all. Android now gives option to install apps via the internet.
This method has some advantages:
  • You can install apps even when your phone is not with you
  • When you search for apps, even the apps that are not relevant (or cannot be installed on your phone) are shown in the search results.
To do so, just go to: Here search for apps and install directly from the internet. This app will then automatically be installed on your mobile.
There are somethings that you need to take care to do this:
  • You must sign in with your same google account as configured in the mobile.
  • If you have configured multiple accounts in mobile, then there will always be one primary account. Sign in with primary account
  • Register your mobile on the Android market
That’s all. Now you can easily install apps directly via the internet.
At the time of this operation, if your mobile is not having internet connectivity, then the app will be isntalled whenever the mobile gets an internet connection.


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