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crysis 2: Be the weapon

Review--  by, Nitin Kumar
The most awaited and discussed game of 2011 is now here and showing awesome feedback from the players       It is the most leeched game on the biggest torrent server Now lets talk about the gameplay containing its graphics, texture, audio fx, etc. As a gamer i think that you should know the latest trends and extents of gaming.

Crysis  2 is desined on Crytek engine highly advanced development solution that surpasses all expectations for the creation of blockbuster games, movies, high-quality simulations and interactive applications.The third iteration of Crytek's proprietary CryENGINE® is the only all-in-one game development solution
for the PC, Xbox 360™ and PlayStation®3 that is truly next-gen ready. 

The genres of the games is basically Shooting. It is claimed with the launch of crysis 2 that is is game with the highest quality graphics and reality like textures and after the launch of the game it seems to be very correct.

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If you like to see the pros and cons of the game you can read the few paragraphs below or scroll down the page  to see Torrent download link for the game and gameplays(video) 

1) THE GAMEPLAY a. Almost all I have heard so far on various forums is that “Crysis 2 is a Call of a duty clone”. What people mean to say is “Crysis 2 shamelessly steals everything that makes Call of Duty so addictive, everything that gives it such mass market appeal.” You have classes, kill streaks, a leveling system, etc etc. Its as-if Crysis 2 sought to give us the 2015 version of Call of Duty. b. However, beneath that shiny, superficial surface, Crysis 2 actually provides an unbelievably innovative gameplay experience, particularly tailored to PC gaming. Compared to most modern games, players have a TON of health. You can win a battle even if someone starts shooting at you first—and a highly skilled player can take out a boatload of n00bs. (The weapon damage and health is remarkably similar to Crysis 1—which was designed to offer the best possible hardcore, PC Gaming experience, without consoles in mind whatsoever.) c. The suit powers are more brilliantly done than I could have imagined. “Nano vision” offers something similar to an always available thermal scope. The balance between frustrating invisibility and a useful stealth mode seems to have been struck perfectly. Sprinting and jumping provide a movement experience that brings the depth of Mirror’s Edge to mind. And all of this is based on the energy bar—a good player will be practicing resource management so that when they show up to a fight, they can flick on armor mode and have more health than the n00b who is sprinting and bunnyhopping around the map. In one swoop Crytek found a way to punish behavior that is traditionally frowned upon in shooters while also increasing the skill-cap so that good players CAN make use of these things in moderation and at the right times. d. The suit powers, the advanced movement, and the high health—which I should mention makes head-shots VITAL—makes this a great PC game. It gives us more things to focus on, more things to manage, and raises the skill cap immensely. Crysis 2 is not a point and click adventure—it is the first shooter in years that seems to have a skill-cap that might rival the good old days of Quake or Unreal.
2) THE GRAPHICS a. Crysis 2 takes an amazing engine and gives it the addition of an amazing environment (wtfpwnt New York City is absolutely gorgeous) and an amazing art-style that mixes dramatic realism with good coloration and overdone effects. The graphics are a bit less realistic in the vein of Unreal Engine games, meaning that it looks better while performing better, at the cost of some realism. Frankly, I’m in awe of how well this runs, and this without any driver updates or patches yet. b. Many are complaining about a lack of DX11, but its possible Crytek simply found that for the performance hit they got out of it, it didn’t improve graphics enough and don’t want to release it yet so that people don’t kill the game’s hype complaining about how nothing can run it maxed—Crysis 1 style.
3) THE MAPS/Details a. While we only have access to two in the demo, the level of skill put into the design of these maps is blowing my mind. The last few years of Call of Duty titles has made me forget what good map design can mean. The flow of the matches I’ve played so far has been glorious, and I can’t wait to see the additional game modes. And really this section should just proclaim all the small things that Crysis 2 got right: The menus are aesthetically pleasing and reasonably PC friendly. No ridiculous mouse acceleration issues or menus designed for a controller. The music and all that is very tastefully done. This was not a game cheaply designed to knock off Call of Duty– it is a serious, expensive, and carefully designed product meant to be immensely enjoyable– and I think it has succeeded.
In this section, I hope to bluntly share with Crytek and people who are on the fence some glaring issues with this game that I fear could hurt its PC launch. Like most PC games, a ton of these will get fixed very rapidly and represent an oversight caused by publishers who simply don’t care about as much as we would like because we are not as profitable as consoles—for various reasons. Most of these issues are so small that Crytek could get them fixed by launch.



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